Cumulated Heat Sum Turku 2002
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This dataset is a raster file (tiff) which represents a cumulated heat sum in 2002 from May to August in the city region of Turku, Finland. Dataset was produced as part of HERCULES project. In addition of Turku city, the data covers municipalities of Kaarina, Lieto, Raisio and Rusko. The data represents how many degree-hours it has cumulated during May, June, July, and August of 2002 in a particular 250 m grid square if the temperature has been over 25 Celsius degrees. For example, if the te…

Creation Date
Aug. 31, 2002, noon
Raster Data
Climate , heatsum , Temperature , TURCLIM
Climatology Meteorology Atmosphere
processes and phenomena of the atmosphere. Examples: cloud cover, weather, climate, atmospheric conditions, climate change, precipitation
Europe , Finland
Turku Urban Climate Research Group (TURCLIM)
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There Are No Plans To Update The Data
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The data was collected to provide more information on areas where temperatures above 25 degrees are most common at summer months in Turku City.

Temporal Extent
May 1, 2002, midnight - Aug. 31, 2002, midnight
Data Quality
Comment from data curation team: The quality of this dataset has been systematically checked according to UTU Geospatial data service protocol and the overall impression of the quality of this dataset is good. The datasets (with and without water bodies) are spatially accurate, consistency and complete. Few empty values near the edges of the covered area are caused by municipal boundaries. Because the dataset is produced with a model based on observations, all pixel values may not be precise.
Supplemental Information

ETRS89 / TM35FIN(E,N), EPSG:3067 Resolution of the raster datasets is 250 x 250 meters. Value range of the data is 29.80 - 234.54. The unit of the values is de…

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grid data is used to represent geographic data

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